Epson, the overall pioneer in the printer business, starting late pushed in the Philippines one of its generally creative no matter how you look at it ink tank system, the Epson L565.

Epson L565 is the world’s first ink tank structure printer that has remote accessibility, a modified report feeder, and at the same time has fax limit. Other than printing, it in like manner fills in as a scanner and copier.

Structure and BUILD:

he Epson EcoTank L565 is a diminished multi-work no matter how you look at it printer that can without a lot of a stretch fit any table at home or office. It checks about 48.4cm x 22.6cm x 37.7cm and weighs imperceptibly over 6 kilograms, 6.2kg to be unmistakable. It has heaps of curves and balanced edges with a blend of matte and sparkly fulfillment. To the extent appearance, it has the DNA of past Epson printer and eagerly takes after that of the Epson L555.

The front has a 2.2-inch mono LCD screen close by the gets and keys, which licenses basic set-up and movement even without a PC. Underneath this module is the collapsible paper plate that can be expanded when being utilized and push back when not required.

At the back you will find the dealing with a plate that can hold up to 100 bits of paper, it has an adaptable catch to securely hold any kind of paper. To its benefit is the line and increase ports for the telephone jack together with the LAN port.

The left side has nothing on it except the USB port for the wired affiliation while the right side holds the ink compartments. Discussing which, the retail pack goes with four (CYMK) 70ml ink bottles, everybody identifies with the cartridge of the tank module. Meanwhile, the top holds the simplex 30-page ADF for various page duplicating, looking at and faxing and direct underneath it is the


Setting up the printer isn’t so troublesome, especially that it goes with easy to hold fast to headings, yet even without the game plan oversee, typical customers can without a doubt have it completely operational. Essentially loosen, top off and return the ink tank, to its real spot, by then turn on the printer, clearly, and it is a simple choice that you need to use the power line in the group and plug it in any appropriate outlet. Starting there forward, place your attentiveness viewing the LCD screen as it will walk you through to the whole set-up system and presentation strategy, which would take around 20 minutes.

As to, it might be related to a PC utilizing the USB port for a wired affiliation or remotely utilizing WiFi Direct or through home or office orchestrate. Regardless, the PC can without a lot of a stretch recognize it, for my circumstance, I am using a Windows 10 PC, and mixing them just took me under 5 minutes. Customers can in like manner download the Epson iPrint application in Google Play Store or Apple App Store for them to beneficially print chronicles, website pages, photos, and PDFs using their Android or iOS device.


Only Epson Driver helps printers for the right Execution. Epson assessed the L565 to be prepared for printing max draft content using A4 paper at 33 pages for each second for dull and 15ppm for concealed reports while a 4×6-inch photo draft requires just 27 seconds for each page. In reality, circumstance, this printing speed doesn’t differentiate a ton, especially while using the default setting of 300dpi. In any case, printing various pages with full or best print quality determinedly is a substitute story, as it simply made sense of how to reach about 17ppm and 8ppm for dull and concealing files independently. Regardless, it is still snappy for a multi-work printer.

To the extent to print quality, dull substance on plain paper is sharp and it is extremely hard to separate from various printers that use conventional cartridges. Engraving on photo paper looks extraordinary also, pictures are splendid, fiery, and appear to be standard. On the other note, its sifting and recreating limits and qualities are correspondingly near stunning also, notwithstanding the 30-page ADF is in like manner a most welcoming development.

One of the critical things in having a printer is the cost per print, Epson says that a 70ml dull ink limit is prepared for printing reports to 4,000 pages while it can yield up to 6,500 pages for a comparable proportion of ink for concealed pages. Every holder costs Php295 pesos and in case you compare that to the number of pages it can print, that will result to a sensible 7.375 centavos per page, this is around various occasions more affordable when diverged from other MFP that uses standard ink, giving the customer’s speculation assets of as much as Php2,985 per ink bottle versus standard ink cartridge. This makes the Epson L565 ideal for home and office use, anyway regardless, for sensible ventures and print-for-pay associations.


The Epson L565 Ink Tank System multi-work printer is remarkable no matter how you look at its answer for corporate work environments similarly as various associations and establishments that do gigantic volumes of printing similarly as separating and duplicating. It is like manner gives stores of supportive ways to deal with print and breadths, for instance, wired, WiFi Direct, remote framework, and although the cloud.


  • Altogether moderate cost per print
  • First-rate print
  • Lots of system features
  • Limited


  • No full-duplex limit
  • No edge less photo print
  • No USB port or card space for separated print

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