HUNT: SHOWDOWN Pc Game REVIEW You don’t win, in Hunt: Showdown. You only live. I was already on alert and sticky, after the demonstration. Close to two-dozen hours later, I’m coming out of every game much the same, with only additional exhilaration at my near-deaths, kills and cleverly performed traps. The mixture of survival horror and the battle royale by Crytek has culminated in an extreme multiplayer FPS,

Hunt brings together Resident Evil 7, PUBG, and Red Dead Redemption 2 to create something strikingly distinctive. The mechanics are familiar: players opt for a loadout, spawn on a marshy dirt patch, and battle for dominance. The irony is that you’re not there, because these knee-high lakes and deserted cabins are prowling by zombies and other ghouls. Particularly for one guy, your treasure, you are on a quest and need to collect magical clues to find their exact location.


Set in an alternative 1890s past, a sinister entity is attacking people and animals across interworld rifts, infecting them and transforming them into horrific mutants. The titular hunters, represented by millennia of folklore from multiple sources, engage in the dark arts and pursue for recreation and science. Guns are crass and archaic: revolvers, single-shot rifles and crossbows, all of which involve long, manual reloading. If you want to lose the friendship, machetes and battle-axes are available, and improvised bombs and bear traps are useful in a bind. The greatest asset is your humor and if you want to stay out in the Stillwater Bayou woods, you’ll need them in ocean of games

My early forays have been bloody. One time I was pursued by a demented canine into an Armoured, a human-shaped object with a tumor-looking outer shell, and in trying to escape I attracted a party of common undeads and was consumed promptly in seconds. The next round, after having the first of three clues I wanted for the bounty, I met a similar fate. Fortunately, permadeath is disabled up to rank 15 so I didn’t lose all my stuff forever.

Gradually, I began to find my path, knowing Hunt: the allure of battle. Profession rests in cutthroat tenacity and survival instincts

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