The world is currently facing the greatest epidemic battle in what we have been in the century. The World Health Organization (WHO) has for years maintained a list of pathogens that pose a real and present threat to humanity, and experts had long warned us that the next great pandemic was not simply a sci-fi argument.

And yet it seems clear that we were not prepared: even without being the deadliest virus we have known in recent times, the dizzying expansion of COVID-19’s new SARS-CoV-2 corona virus has led to a disruption of society and human activity on a planetary scale. We review here what science knows about the virus and its disease, and what has already been achieved in the fight against this new scourge.

Science have nothing found yet to remove it from all over the world they are just thinking and they are not yet found anything only experiments.

while people are frightened from it and scientist are looking for corona virus family to test on them.  they are finding any positive virus that would kill corona covid-19.

once it would be found it will cure too many lives in all over the world and all of them are struggling to make ant-virus for this so they could get rich or they could get famous in the history of curing corona virus.


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