If LinkedIn.com, specializing in social-networking is grabbing a share in the online job search market against big players like Trendycareer.ae, Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com that gives you valuable information. This information tells me that employers enjoy getting a recommendation for a position or knowing that a person in their network may know a candidate they are interviewing.
So these days the “To whom it May Concern cover letter” days are over. It is important to take the time to find out more about the companies you want to work for, including the name of the person to whom you will be sending your resume and cover letter. If you have a referral, that is how the cover letter should start, “Bob Jones recommended I contact you in regard to the XYZ position with your organization.” Take great care to personalized the cover letter. You can have a template you work from, but be sure the cover letter targets each particular company and job description.

Who You Know and What You Know
Who You Know and What You Know

Personalize your resume for each job description. To take the shotgun approach to your resume and try to be everything to everyone could be a mistake. Review each job description and be sure every responsibility or experience you honestly have that matches the job description is somehow mentioned in the resume. Think about more than your daily duties but occasions your boss was happy with your work.
For the interview, it is important you do your research on the company with which you are interviewing because they may ask you, “What do you know about our organization?” When that question is asked, you know you must have a good answer. You should know the changes a company is going through, obstacles the company is up against, any big competition and any industry-related information. With this information, you will seem more educated when you ask questions about the company near the end of the interview.
Today’s employers want an educated job seeker. They do not appreciate “winging it” like so many do. You job takes most of every day for a long time, do research to be sure you find a strong match and then make that clear to employers. It is a time for you to demonstrate your successes on your resume and in the interview. Be sure these successes are honest and give the employer a good idea of what you bring to the table for the company.

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